Flight of fancy: long-haul speed-dating in Brazil

Flight of fancy: long-haul speed-dating in Brazil

Would the stunning beaches near Fortaleza function as the perfect backdrop to love? Photograph: Alamy

We ‘ve been dating with little to no fortune for more than a now and, having turned 30, i feel there’s a bit more of a sense of urgency in my quest for love year. So whenever Matt, a guy we had met at a shared friend’s party a couple of years back, returned in contact by e-mail to congratulate me personally on a fresh task, we instantly had an idea that is wild.

Dating could be a long, tedious procedure. It will take months to make the journey to understand some body. I desired to simply simply simply take small-talk-over-dinner by the balls, shake it and speed it.

“Fancy arriving at Brazil for per week, like on a very big date?”


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