David Carradine Book Reveals Incest, Murder Suspicions

David Carradine Book Reveals Incest, Murder Suspicions

Ex-wife Marina Anderson chronicles relationship, life-threatening sex and drugs.

July 21, 2010- — simply over this past year star David Carradine passed away a death that is seedy hanging by a drapery cable in the cramped wardrobe of the Bangkok college accommodation. Now, their ex-wife claims she thinks the 72-year-old “Kung Fu” star ended up being murdered.

Authorities ruled that Carradine had inadvertently suffocated in a lone sex training referred to as autoerotic asphyxiation, but his fourth wife, Actress Marina Anderson, claims in an innovative new book that the actor “never flew solo” and also the autopsy along with other details of their death “simply do not fit.”

Anderson, who was hitched to Carradine from 1998 to 2001, admits that her husband’s kinky sex life — a penchant for bondage being choked towards the point of orgasm — had been no surprise, fundamentally destroying their wedding and resulting in his death.

“I think he was murdered,” she told ABCNews.com in an meeting this week. “That’s all there clearly was to it.”

“For David to unintentionally take action to himself, that is not the work,” said Anderson. “He never ever flew solo as soon as we were together. That did not fit the scenario. David liked participation.”

Anderson knew that firsthand from satisfying Carradine’s intimate requests in their wedding.

“I never surely got to the idea of suffocation,” she stated. “It completely freaked me away. (mais…)

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