412 million Friend Finder accounts exposed by code hackers

412 million Friend Finder accounts exposed by code hackers

Hacked records connected to AdultFriendFinder.com, Cams.com, iCams.com, Stripshow.com, and Penthouse.com

Six databases from FriendFinder Networks Inc., the business behind a few of the world’s biggest adult-oriented websites that are social have now been circulating online given that they had been compromised in October.

LeakedSource, a breach notification web site, disclosed the event completely on and said the six compromised databases exposed 412,214,295 accounts, with the bulk of them coming from AdultFriendFinder.com sunday

It’s thought the incident occurred just before October 20, 2016, as timestamps on some documents suggest a login that is last of 17. This schedule can also be significantly verified by the way the FriendFinder Networks episode played away.

On October 18, 2016, a researcher whom goes on the handle 1×0123 on Twitter, warned Adult FriendFinder about Local File Inclusion (LFI) vulnerabilities on their site, and posted screenshots as evidence.

When expected straight concerning the problem, 1×0123, that is additionally understood in certain sectors by the title Revolver, stated the LFI had been found in a module on AdultFriendFinder’s production servers.

maybe maybe Not even after he disclosed the LFI, Revolver reported on Twitter the presssing issue ended up being settled, and “. no consumer information ever left their web web web site.”

Their account on Twitter has since been suspended, but at that time he made those commentary, Diana Lynn Ballou, FriendFinder Networks’ VP and Senior Counsel of business Compliance & Litigation, directed Salted Hash in their mind in reaction to questions that are follow-up the event.

On October 20, 2016, Salted Hash had been the first ever to report FriendFinder Networks had most likely been compromised despite Revolver’s claims, exposing significantly more than 100 million reports.

The existence of source code from FriendFinder Networks’ production environment, as well as leaked public / private key-pairs, further added to the mounting evidence the organization had suffered a severe data breach in addition to the leaked databases. (mais…)

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